Friday, September 18, 2009

Jed Hill - tattooist.

I've known Jed Hill for more than 20 years and back in the Live To Ride days he and I used to judge a lot of tattoo shows together, so he's fairly comfortable with me when I poke a camera in his face. I decided to shoot Jed for the MAPping Group's photo essay on Ballarat as he's been a long-time tattooist in the town and always has the right expression for a portrait. What I like about this pic of Jed is that only took a few minutes to organise and to move a couple of lights around in his studio to get the result I wanted. He hadn't long finished the back job on his partner so the colours looked really good in the low light.


  1. wow great image, you are right he has a great face/expression... am off to book in my next tattoo... I can feel the hurt already.

  2. nice work Flash ,I'm still waiting Erin !!

  3. Awesome! Very interesting kinda of artwork.

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