Friday, August 7, 2009

The Ballarat Saleyards.

Another part of "MAPping Ballarat" involved getting pics of the local farmers in the pre-dawn darkness of the saleyards, which for me was a lucky quirk of fate. This was due to the cancellation of our first balloon flight over Ballarat, as the weather was not the best for a balloon flight.

It gave me the opportunity to race back to the saleyards as I'd noticed activity there on the way past and had thought how good it would be to photograph this scene. These farmers bustle around in the early morning gloom, illuminated by strip flouro lighting, in preparation for the days sales, and it gave me an opportunity to do a bit of "fly on the wall" photography.

Having a camera that can be rated at 6400ASA helps too as it allows you to shoot in very low light, with very little apparent noise, which is a quantum leap in digital technology.


  1. nice shots Jeremy what camera are you shooting with that allows 6400asa but more importantly "with very little apparent noise"


  2. Hi Kim, it's a Nikon D3, best camera in the world (well, in my opinion anyway). It's 10 times better than the D2X it replaced - faster (11 fps), very accurate colour balance and saturation, 12 meg sensor, no shutter lag, huge cache - it is bloody brilliant and means you can shoot at night hand-held plus it will go down to 200 ASA for quality, has 2 card slots...the list just goes on and on.

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