Friday, July 10, 2009

Elvis Costello, The Palais, St. Kilda, Melbourne, 1981.

Elvis Costello's first tour of Australia was marked by a hostile attitude to the media, but brilliant performances.

I was working for Virgin Press at the time, and somehow managed to obtain the only press pass issued to his first gig in Melbourne at the Palais, in St. Kilda.

Obviously Elvis hadn't been consulted as he spent a vast majority of time peering at me, in the orchestra pit, the only media representative, with a slightly quizzical/pissed off look on his face. Great gig.


  1. I am a huge Elvis Costello fan...great music even better lyrics...jealous you have seen him live. I understand he is coming back to Aus hopefully he is not so irascible these days.
    ps I am Megs mum....


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