Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Ramones.

The Ramones came to Australia in 1981, and Jeremy was there at La Trobe University, camera at the ready.

Which was lucky, because the late (& truly great) Dee Dee Ramone saw the camera and played it up for all he was worth.

Great stage presence - great music!


  1. Very cool photos, no one this cool ever came to Monash...

  2. I was there the gig went off insane but Id had a bottle of southern comfort and passed out under the side curtains only awoken by the cleaners!!! ahh to be 17 again

  3. yes i was there INXS was the fourth support

  4. We met them during their soundcheck at around 5 pm. My friend got Joey and DeeDee's autographs while Johnny lurked in the shadows. If we hadn't poked our heads around the corner we wouldn't have been blessed. Inxs (unheard of) opened with a Brian emo song so they had our respect immediately. LA Femme were howled and taunted and does anyone remember their bassistjumping onto the speaker stack which didn't have the wheels locked down. Hilarious and I was embarrassed for him


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